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Details & Specs

Make emergency preparedness easy with 720-serving buckets of delicious freeze-dried food storage.

Our 720-serving food storage buckets contain delicious meals with real ingredients. Legacy Premium is extremely picky about what goes into its emergency preparedness meals. Our freeze-dried meals are Non-GMO and contain no trans fat, no MSG added, and no cholesterol. They are also high in fiber and offer plenty of vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. With 4 different breakfasts and 19 different lunch/dinner entrees, you are sure to be pleased with the resulting variety and nutrition of your emergency supply.

It might be hard to believe once you taste Legacy Premium’s meals, but even though they are so delicious, they are still emergency food, and they will last for 25 years in storage. We have a meticulous preservation process that ensures your disaster preparedness supply will stay fresh and tasty until the day you need it. Our long shelf life enables you to purchase food storage buckets for your emergency supply and then store them away without worry.

Even with the variety and tastiness of our long-term storage meals, we are still able to offer an incredible value on all of our freeze-dried food storage buckets. In fact, PrepareWise offers the best value per serving in the freeze-dried food storage industry. When you purchase your preparedness supply with us, you get an excellent deal on the finest emergency food.

Premium 720 Serving Package

Servings  720
Avg. Calories per Serving  371
Total Calories  267,360
2,000 Calorie Days  133.68
Cost per Day  $10.70
Cost per Year  $3,904.47
Shelf Life  25 Years
Residual O2 Content  0.11%
Configuration Pouches in Buckets
Large Buckets  6
Medium Buckets
Small Buckets
Loose Pouches
Total Pouches  180
Weight  184.56 Pounds (lb)
Total Dimensions  9.53 Cubic Feet
Shipping Configuration Boxes

What’s Included

The 720 Serving Package from Legacy Premium includes 4 different breakfasts (240 servings total) and 19 different entrees (480 servings total). For nutritional information on each meal, please scroll down to the “Nutritional Information” section below.

Breakfasts Included

BK101-LP-Multi-Grain Cereal-V_01(WEB)BK102-LP-Oatmeal with Brown Sugar-V_01BK103-LP-Strawberry Creamy Wheat-V_02(WEB)BK104-LP-Old Fashioned Pancake Mix-V_01

Nine Grain Cereal Mix            Maple Oatmeal With              Strawberry Creamy Wheat       Old Fashioned Pancake Mix         

( 56 Servings )                 Brown Sugar ( 64 Servings )                ( 56 Servings )                              ( 64 Servings )

Entrees Included

ET301-LP-Italian Pasta With Marinara-V_01(WEB)ET302-LP-Pasta Alfredo-V_01(WEB)ET303-LP-Pasta Primavera-V_01(WEB)ET304-LP-Enchilada, Beans and Rice-V_01(WEB)

Italian Pasta with Marinara              Pasta Alfredo                            Pasta Primavera            Enchilada, Beans, and Rice

( 32 Servings )                                    ( 32 Servings )                            ( 32 Servings )                          ( 32 Servings )

ET305-LP-Stroganoff-V_01(WEB)ET307-1-LP-Cheese and Broccoli Bake-V_01(WEB)ET308-LP-Hawaiian Style Sweet 'n Sour-V_02(WEB)ET309-LP-Chicken A La King-V_02(WEB)

             Stroganoff                       Cheese & Broccoli Bake      Hawaiian Style Sweet ‘n’ Sour         Creamy A La King

( 32 Servings )                                ( 32 Servings )                                ( 16 Servings )                         ( 32 Servings )

ET310-LP-Vegetable and Rotini Pasta-V_02(WEB)ET311-LP-Chili Mac-V_02(WEB)ET312-LP-Macaroni and Cheese-V_02(WEB)SP401-LP-Cheese and Broccoli Soup Mix-V_01(WEB)

Vegetable and Rotini Pasta                 Chili Mac                       Macaroni and Cheese         Cheese and Broccoli Soup

( 16 Servings )                                   ( 16 Servings )                            ( 32 Servings )                        ( 16 Servings )

SP404-LP-Cheesy Potato Soup Mix-V_01SP403-LP-Creamy Vegetable and Rice Soup Mix-V_01(WEB)SP402-LP-Creamy Potato Soup Mix-V_01(WEB)SP405-LP-Spicy Corn Chowder Soup Mix-V_03

    Cheesy Potato Soup           Vegetable and Rice Soup                Potato Soup Mix              Spicy Corn Chowder Soup

( 32 Servings )                                 ( 16 Servings )                                ( 32 Servings )                         ( 16 Servings )

SP406-LP-Southwestern Soup Mix-V_02SP407-LP-Classic Chili Mix-V_03(WEB)SP408-LP-White Bean Chili Mix-V_03

       Southwestern Soup                 Classic Chili Mix                      White Bean Chili

( 16 Servings )                                    ( 32 Servings )                         ( 16 Servings )


Lowest Cost Per 2000 Calories

Compare Legacy Food Storage to any other food storage company and we’re confident that you’ll find with Legacy you get the best value for your money. Many food storage companies advertise low prices because they drop the calories in their meals. Calculating cost per calorie gives a better indicator of the true cost. Rest easy knowing you are ready for anything with Legacy Premium preparedness food in your storage closet.

Voted Best Tasting

Legacy Premium Foods has partnered with Honeyville, Inc. to provide you with incredible tasting food containing the highest quality ingredients. Legacy believes that food should be tasty, high-quality, and filling, no matter when it’s eaten.

Up to 25 year Shelf-life

Oxygen left inside a container of food storage is a major reason that food spoils. Residual oxygen allows bacteria to foster, which then decays and spoils your food. The bare minimum standard in long term food storage is oxygen levels below 2%. Legacy Premium has been independently tested and scored an average of 0.11%, which far exceeds the standard set.

Each meal starts with the highest quality, non-GMO ingredients. The meals are then nitrogen flushed and triple sealed in superior Mylar pouches. Oxygen absorbers are placed in each pouch to ensure that oxygen levels are as low as possible. The pouches are placed in heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic buckets. These plastic buckets are re-sealable and easy to stack.

With Legacy Premium you can rest assured that your food storage investment will be ready to eat when you need it!

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